Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to make a down payment to confirm my booking? ▾
What payment methods are permitted? ▾
Is there any hidden / indirect cost? ▾
Is there a minimum booking period? ▾
How is the night rate calculated? ▾
What is required on the check-in day at the RV's? ▾
Is the check-in and check-out available over 24 hours? ▾
Where can I pick-up and return the RV's? ▾
In what condition should the RV's be returned? ▾
What insurance is included in the rental and how much is the security deposit? ▾
What happens if I miss my flight or if it's delayed? ▾
What driving license is required to drive a RV's? ▾
Is there a minimum age to drive a RV's? ▾
How many people can drive the RV's? ▾
What do I have to do to cancel my booking? ▾
And what if I want to change the data of my booking? ▾
What is the updating policy? ▾